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The 10 Best Joint Health Supplements


Written By Sarah Foster, MS, RS - Medically reviewed by Katherine Levy LDN, R.S. , Nutrition - Updated on July 29th, 2022

“Dr. Sarah Foster is a certified MD based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. When she isn't researching health products, Sarah enjoys exploring local farmers markets and growing her own non-gmo vegetables.” Advertiser Disclosure

“Dr. Sarah Foster is a certified MD based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. When she isn't researching health products, Sarah enjoys exploring local farmers markets and growing her own non-gmo vegetables.” Advertiser Disclosure

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According to the National Center for Health Statistics more than 33 million Americans struggle with joint discomfort. PHOTO BY FILE PHOTO /Getty Images

As we age, friction develops in our joints, which can be made worse by being active, or carrying excess weight. While exercise might be great for our longterm health, high-impact routines like jogging, or running can accelerate joint degeneration faster, causing more joint pain and discomfort.

When you suffer with lower back pain or joint discomfort, life Is almost unbearable. That’s why thousands of Americans seek quality joint health

supplements every day, as an effective way to decrease discomfort, improve joint flexibility, and lessen cramps or stiffness. Unfortunately, traditional treatments for joint pain can be ineffective and often dangerous!

The Subchondral bone that provide pathways of communication between the bone tissue and cartilage. PHOTO BY FILE PHOTO /Getty Images

The Subchondral bone that provide pathways of communication between the bone tissue and cartilage. PHOTO BY FILE PHOTO /Getty Images

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Intelligent Reviews has compiled years of scientific research into this growing category. We’ll show you a New Natural Discovery which reverses even the most painful one-on-bone joint pain. We’ll also show you which traditional treatments for Joint Pain can be effective, ineffective, and which can be Dangerous! Read below to find out Which Products Work, and Which are a flat out lie!

These NSAIDS Can Be Dangerous!


Many studies prove over the counter pain reliever Advil can cause stomach ulcers, diarrhea, internal bleeding, and liver damage.


Harvard Health Newsletter confirmed patients experienced hip joint destruction from taking high doses of Aleve.


Pain meds like Oxaprozin have been proven to actually degrade and aggravate the bone.


OTC pain relievers like Ibuprofen cause 103,000 hospitalizations and 16,500 deaths a year, confirms The American Gastroenterological Association.


Many studies prove over the counter pain reliever Tylenol can cause stomach ulcers, diarrhea, internal bleeding, liver damage, Kidney Damage, High Blood Pressure, Ringing In the Ears, Rashes, and Stomach Pain.


A prescription pain killer which was approved by the FDA was responsible for over 60,000 DEATHS before it was BANNED from the market. Your prescription pill could be the next one banned!

Why Do We Need Quality Ingredients?

Our research uncovered the most critical ingredients for real joint health results. These nutrients have been clinically proven to improve mobility, rebuild broken down cartilage, promote cognitive health, enhance athletic performance, and support overall health.

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“Steven Sinatra, M.D. proclaims “Most MD’s now realize that all conventional painkillers, arthritis drugs and NSAIDs (including aspirin) BLOCK your body’s natural ability to heal the root cause of pain.”

Any good doctor will admit the fact these pain relievers do nothing to heal the damage that is causing your pain.

This means the underlying damage that’s causing your pain only grows WORSE with time.

Pain meds actually degrade and aggravate the bone, joint and cartilage problems over time. They also STOP your body’s own pain-killing enzymes from activating to heal the pain!

Unlike conventional treatments that may mask symptoms and may even cause further damage to your joints, intelligent reviews has uncovered pure, natural healing nutrients which have been proven to get to the root cause of your problems – safely and effectively.

Top Joint-Boosting Ingredients To Look For

UC II Collagen

U.C-II® is a special patented form of undenatured type II collagen. It works by prompting the deactivation of cellular swelling which is causing your pain. In fact, this is proven by clinical research published in TheInternational Journal of Medical Sciences, in Clinical Studies, UC-II Collagen Reduced Pain 58.4%


Natural Eggshell Membrane received a top score for pain relief, It were shown to reduce pain TWICE as much as Glucosamine and MSM.


This Indian herbal extract has been used for thousands of years to relieve joint stiffness and swelling. It also preserves normal joint function.

White Willow

This provides COX inhibition, which reduces pain and inflammation in your joints. It appears to be much safer than use of aspirin.

California Poppy Seed

California Poppyseed contains powerful B3 which studies have shown may increase joint mobility by up to 85%!

Omega-3 EPA/DHA

Highly concentrated EPA/DHA supports the maintenance of healthy tissues and the normal expression of genes involved in the body’s balanced immune response. Promotes the body’s natural healing abilities


Curcumin inhibits the enzymes that are responsible for the formation of the compound that produces the hormone-like substances that cause inflammation.

Many Factors affect joint mobility - such as activity, nutrition, age, hormones, and even stress. Fortunately, certain quality joint health supplements can address everyday joint pain from several key angles.

Look for the above ingredients to ensure a joint health supplement can back up its claims:

Beware of These Popular Ingredients:


The Arthritis Foundation states that there are currently no large, well- controlled studies on MSM. Since little is known about the long-term safety of MSM , it's no surprise that the efficacy also is unclear

Glucosamine & Chondroitin

Two hugely popular supplements used to fight arthritis and joint pain, glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, do not seem to work any better than placebo to slow the loss of cartilage. The study, funded by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, confirms other findings showing the supplements have few or no effects.


While joint pain topicals may fix pain momentarily, they do not get to the root issue of damaged or inflamed joints. These should be only seen as a immediate solution, and not a long-term fix.

The Definitive Joint Health Supplement

NO glucosamine, chondroitin, or MSM!

Research now confirms other natural healers which are clinically proven to be 500% better to put an end to your joint pain than these popular, and often wildly ineffective supplements.

Customer Rating

Thousands of Joint Health Supplements make bold claims about their results, yet the best products are backed up by customer reviews. We’ve vetted all the top supplements to see which ones have the best track records with customers, using surveys we uncovered which products have the most promising results.

Ingredients from Top Peer-Reviewed Medical Journals

Though many joint supplements contain boswellia serrata, not all have been clinically studied for effectiveness and potency. Look for a supplement that also includes clinically-studied boswellia serrata, collagen, or NEM to proven to deliver results. In another clinical study, The New England Journal of Medicine reported a nutrient in NEM was nearly 5X more effective than Glucosamine or Chrondroitin for pain relief.

Ayurvedic Ingredients

Ayurevedic Ingredients are some of the most powerful and effective ways to target joint aches naturally. They are clinically proven to provide relief, they help reverse bone-on-bone joint pain naturally, and they have been proven to aid musculoskeletal tissues during and after injuries, making them highly effective as performance recovery supplements -without the use of harmful medications or synthetic ingredients that cause more damage than healing.

Do you know there are important differences between pain relievers?

For people with special health conditions, such as high blood pressure, certain non-prescription pain medications may be more suitable for use than others. Find out which pain reliever may be apropriate for you:

Important: This infographic does not contain complete product information and is not a substitute for the product labelling or medical advice provided by a healthcare professional.

Top 10 Joint Support Product Reviews - MAY 2022

Based on our extensive research, these are the top 10 products on the market today. Each offers its own unique differences and we advise you to read each one throughout before making your choice.


by Alpha Vita




Relief Factor


Osteo Bi Flex






Life Extension Fast Acting Joint Formula


Boswellia Complex Capsules




Joint Collagen Tablets Advanced Formula + Boswellia

If you have recently experienced any changes in your health, are pregnant, breastfeeding, taking blood thinning drugs or other medications, or have a special diet, talk to your doctor or pharmacist to find the appropriate non-prescription pain medication for you.

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Medicine labels matter to your health

What the warnings, directions, and other label facts tell you.


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